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PCI Compliant

The YesPCI Advantage
With YesPCI, you have the advantage of dealing with only one vendor for your dedicated hosting, merchant account and security needs. Bundling services can cut costs while increasing efficiency. Our bundled "all-in-one" packages are 10% to 30% lower than individual pricing from the competition.

The YesPCI "all-in-one” packages include low cost credit card processing along with robust, dedicated hosting all in a PCI compliant hosting platform from Colocation America. Below you will find details on the three YesPCI components, each of which can be customized to fit your unique needs:



Quality Dedicated Hosting with full support and 99.9% uptime. YesPCI offers two static hosting pages, available in the operating system of your choice and a third dynamic package, customized to exactly mirror your needs:

Package 1:
Server Type – Dual Intel Xeon  2.4 GHZ, 2G RAM, 2 X 73G Scuzzy Hard Drive, 2500 GB Data Transfer per month.

Package 2:
Server Type – Dual Intel Xeon  3.06 GHZ, 4G RAM, (2 X 146GB) SCSI Hard Drives, SCSI RAID 1 Controller , 2500 GB Data Transfer per month.

Package 3:
For our custom package, once you provide the specifics, we’ll build a server that meets your demands.

Every Hosting Package:
Comes with a full Administration Panel through which you can manage every aspect of your server (including: Emails, DNS Settings, Domains and more).


Each Merchant account is accompanied with:

Credit Card Processing
Your online customers can pay using any major
credit card.

Internet Gateway
FREE PCI compliant gateway to protect
your data

Fraud Deterence
Get the most powerful fraud prevention available. Dedicated risk managers watch out for you!

Learn from our experience with over 6,000 online merchants. Optimize your traffic, maximize your conversions while minimizing your exposure to fraud. Is your business secure? Let us show you how!


Our payment processing platform adheres to the most recent Data Security Standard (DSS 11.3) and Security Measures as defined by the Payment Center Industry
or PCI.

PCI compliance is MANDATORY for any merchant that accepts credit cards. Failure to meet PCI compliance can put your entire business at risk. Non-compliance can result in your merchant account being terminated or worse, being fined millions. A Forrester Research report determined that the cost per breached record will be anywhere from $90 to $305.

With PCI compliance in play, your organization can rest assure that each and every transaction will occur under the securest of environments.

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